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The purpose with this site is to show others, such as non-divers, the beauty of the marine life in our oceans.
Most of the videos will be filmed in places where there is a good chance to spot big animals like different species of sharks, manta rays, dolphins and other big animals. Some videos will also focus on reef diving and the small stuff.

If you have any questions about the videos or scuba diving in general, do not hesitate to send an email to "movies at".


"People protect what they love." - JYC
  • Light & Motion Bluefin OLED housing
  • Canon HF G10 HD camcorder
  • WP90 wide angle lens
  • L&M Sola 1200 and 600 LED lights


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2012/04/12 - New video uploaded; 1500 species of fish - Coral Sea, Australia.

2012/04/11 - Videos from Australia coming soon!